Lunch with the Principal

Mr. Saunders will be eating lunch with students from each classroom over the year.  
Check back to see who got to have Lunch with the Principal!
Mr. Kloewer's Class

 Ms. West's Class 

Ms. Zipp's Class

  Mrs. Elsasser's Class

Ms. Hoffman's Class 

 Mrs. Badura's Class

Mrs. Fox's Class

Ms. Friedt's Class

Mrs. Luke's Class

 Mrs. Lyon's Class 

 Mrs. Ringleb's Class

 Mrs. Hill's Class

Mrs.Brazier's Class

Ms. Pofahl's Class

 Mrs. Crum's Class

 Mrs. Coleman's Class 

 Ms. Phipps' Class

Mrs. Hohenstein's Class 

 Mrs. Albert's Class

 Mrs. Buttry's Class

  Mrs. Eastridge's Class

 Mrs. O'Connor's Class

 Mrs. Daily's Class

Ms. Huelskamp's  Class